Monitoring broken

I setup a beacon with the weakest broadcasting power (5ft) and also setup flip to sleep.
I then setup a listener for the enter and exit events.

(1) The enter event trigged from 20ft away when it should have been around 5ft
(2) I am yet to see an exit event at all, whether i flip to sleep or walk away from the beacon, exit events are never triggered.
(3) I get enter events when the beacon is flipped so that isn’t reliable either
(4) If I use the beacons major and minor value even enter events don’t work then

After further tests I can say the beacons don’t seem to work reliably with anything really

Hi @VEIC_01,

  1. The issue of range is because it’s not possible to control the waves,
  2. Waiting for 20 seconds, doesn’t the app’ show you an exit event? It does for me,
  3. Are you sure of not having others beacons in range with the same UUID?
  4. Don’t know what it doesn’t work…

Can you confirm that each beacon needs to have its own UUID and that you can’t group UUIDs?
I was under the impression that if I had a group UUID and set null/null for the major and minor values it would find all with that UUID.

The beacons came setup all with the same UUID so I assumed thats how it would work

I have managed to get this working more reliably now and am finally seeing exit events when i flip to sleep
It seems like group UUIDs don’t really work
So I set a totally unique UUID for each beacon, ignored the major minor
Set the range to 3.5ft which an advertising interval of 100ms


Estimote doesn’t let you have two beacons with the same identifiers.
You can’t put the same UUID, the same major and the same minor to two beacons.

However, you can have the same UUID in all your beacons, and differentiate them with the major and minor.

Your beacons are unique with the combination of the three identifiers, but each identifier is not enough to identify a unique beacon.
For example, you can choose a UUID for you company, a major for each of your buildings and a minor for each room of each building.


  • 3F6A12B9-AA78-89D5-E4CD-A298370BD5E0 - 1 - 1
  • 3F6A12B9-AA78-89D5-E4CD-A298370BD5E0 - 1 - 2
  • 3F6A12B9-AA78-89D5-E4CD-A298370BD5E0 - 1 - 3
  • 3F6A12B9-AA78-89D5-E4CD-A298370BD5E0 - 2 - 1
  • 3F6A12B9-AA78-89D5-E4CD-A298370BD5E0 - 2 - 2
  • etc