Xamarin SDK for Android - Scanning for all iBeacons regardless its region

The Estimote Android App has a Notify Demo Screen. Notify Demo detects any iBeacons near of me.
In Xamarin SDK, is there some method that is able to scanning for iBeacons regardless its region?

I have tried SetMonitoringListener and then StartLocationDiscovery without success.

Thank you.

In our native Android SDK, you can scan for beacons regardless of their UUID, Major, Minor, but simply creating a region with all these values set to null. Maybe the same will worth with the Xamarin wrapper?

Thank you @heypiotr . Its working. I set all parameters as null, like native Android SDK as you suggest and works.

If someone was interested, the code is:

private Region ALL_ESTIMOTE_BEACONS = new Region(“rid”, null, null, null);

beaconManager = new BeaconManager(this.ApplicationContext);

public void OnServiceReady()
BeaconListener bListener = new BeaconListener();

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Hi @guilhrme, can you please mention which xamarin android estimote package are you using. Because the example code you mentioned above seems to be different than mine and i am facing some issues with my code which i refered from estimote sample code. Thank you.