Can I use Estimote Stickers for Proximity?

Can Estimote Stickers be used instead of Proximity Beacons (compromising the battery life) ? Do Estimote Stickers have same capability as Proximity Beacons? If So How can I detect Entry - exit near an object with Estimote Stickers?(Sticker is sticked to the object)

Currently, Estimote Stickers don’t work with the Proximity SDKs. You can use our “monolithic” Estimote SDKs ( and to detect the Nearable or iBeacon packets (depending on what you configured your Stickers to broadcast) and do things like enter/exit detection.

Do you plan to put the Stickers in areas/points of interest? Or is the idea to put them on some objects, and detect when you’re near these objects?

Thanks for the Reply.

Planning to put stickers on points of interest (e.g : reception) to detect entry exit. As we need many beacons and lightweight we plan for stickers. Can stickers detect entry - exit for such scenarios? Do I have to use “Triggers” or “Region and Monitoring?”

The sticker or beacon does not detect entry/exit. Your app detects how far (approximately) the sticker or beacon is from your phone. I can provide you with a range app that detects a stikcker with a given uuid/major no/minor no. if interested. pl visit