Estimote Proximity Beacons - Reading Temperature on Raspberry Pi


I read on this post:
it says the following:

“bleacon supports iBeacon and Nearable packets”.

But on the bleacon git section for estimotes here :
It say_s:_
“Warning not compatible with firmware versions 3.2.0 or higher. See Estimote Fixes Security Problems with Beacon Firmware for more info.”

I bought these beacons with the idea of reading the temperature on them. But seems that post is outdated and giving misinformation. Is there any way to read temperature using bleacon or any other library on the raspberry pi?

Hi Patrick,

You can set the Estimote beacon to broadcast telemetry with the Estimote app. Then you use the reference project:
But you have to use Node v.8.15.1 (use Nvm) since Node 10 doesn’t work yet.
I the buttom of estimote-telemetry.js you can add you code that has the temperature.
This works on at least a newer Raspberry Pi 3 and MacOS 10.14.6. The hardware has to support Bluetooth 4.2 or above.

Kind regards