Temperature monitoring with historical data

Hi there, here’s the usecase I’m trying to cover: get regular temperature readings at precise locations in my home.

I’d be ok with “just” having irregular readings when I walk by a beacon. I just downloaded the app MyWeatherCenter which does pretty much that, but doesn’t seem to have historical data.

Anybody know if this usecase has been covered already? Any hint how to do this? Maybe using 3rd party apps or services?


Hi @timothep!

In order to collect temperature data from the beacon, you need a few things:

  • enable Estimote Telemetry packet - then your beacon will be able to broadcast data from sensors inside.
  • use Estimote SDK to scan telemetry packets within your area range. You will be able to get regular temperature readings from beacons nearby that broadcast mentioned packet.

Go to our Telemetry tutorial on Dev Portal to learn more.

Reffering to known usecases,we haven’t heard about similar cases yet. However, if you manage to find something useful, please share it with us :slight_smile:

Hi @timothep and @arek, this use case is interesting for me. I have to say that http://developer.estimote.com/sensors/estimote-telemetry/ seems a little messy for me.

I understand that, in order to get the temperature, I have to connect to estimote cloud and after that my app give me the temperature. am I right?

@tinoper, not exactly. In order to receive i.e. the temperature value, the only thing you need is to discover Estimote Telemetry packets that are broadcasted by Location Beacon or next-generation Proximity Beacon. You can achieve it by using Estimote SDK - it scan Estimote Telemetry packets and parse it.

Connecting to the Estimote Cloud is required when you try to update telemetry data to it. If you come up with an idea of using i.e. Sensors API, it is necessary to make an update.

Thanks for your replies. I’m still a bit lost though.

Nota: I’m trying to make it work without coding anything myself for now.

I started using the app “Beecon” that is supposed to work with Estimote beacons and temperature.

I set up the beacon as an iBeacon and set up an IFTTT action to send myself an email when a beacon is found. The notification works fine but I never get a temperature reading.

Do I need to activate something on the Estimote side to get the temperature? As far as I understood it, this telemetry setting is only interesting if I want to code something myself right?

I send a request to the creator of the app as well, but didn’t get any answer yet.

Hi @arek. Thanks for your reply. In the meantime I did it, I get the temperature from the beacon with EstimoteSDK.initialize
I understand, by your answer, that if I need just to get the temperature I don’t need to use Estimote Cloud, so Sensors API.

If this is ok I’ll take a look on Sensors API. (if someone knows where to find a sample for this use case just let me know)
Thanks for your time.

@tinoper, exactly, you don’t need to authenticate your app with Estimote Cloud to scan Estimote Telemetry packets :slight_smile:. However once you do it, you have a possibility to use tools like Beacon Health Check and Sensors API.

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