Estimote monitoring does not activate, notification demo does not work

I’m trying to set up Estimote Monitoring to get more reliable enter/ exit region callbacks.
The first thing I’ve started to check is Notification Demo available in Estimote app.
I’ve set up Location Beacons to broadcast Estimote Location Packet as in this guide:
To my understanding- after enabling Location packet, Notification demo should work. So I fired up demo from official Estimote app, but nothing appears on the radar. I’ve came back to Location packet settings to check if packet is enabled, and it was. I’ve noticed additional switch titled “use for Estimote Monitoring”, which wasn’t showed in guide mentioned above. After checking this switch I’ve came back to notification demo and still- empty radar.
Took another look at Estimote location menu- it is enabled, but “Use for Estimote Monitoring” was switched off- looks like it didn’t save the setting. It resets every time I exit configuration mode (Beacon’s led stops blinking).

OK, could be an issue with demo, so I’ve started implementing ESTMonitorManager alongside with its delegate.

The only callback I get is monitoringManagerDidStart(_ manager: ESTMonitoringManager).
SDK was set up with my appId/ token, tried both turbo and normal mode, tried both startDefaultMonitoring and startMonitoringForIdentifier functions. I’ve also checked out generated Obj-C code- same thing.
Whole procedure was checked with 3 location beacons- same thing.
Every beacon was updated to latest firmware- 4.11.0. Hardware revision- F3.3. Every beacon was placed in regular position- LED facing up. Whole process was performed on iPhone 7 iOS 10.2.1, which I use at my daily development. Bluetooth module is fine- works both with iBeacons and BLE peripherals.

Any ideas?

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Update- I’ve checked the problem on iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 9.1. Still the same issue. :frowning:

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Hi Kondrat,

Notification demo used to be set up to showcase Estimote Monitoring. Since it wasn’t clear what setting a beacon should be configured to, we went back to default settings for Notification Demo for the time being. Now it works with default iBeacon packet only. We definitely want to show how Esti Monitoring works so stay tuned for the updated in the app.
As for saving the “Use for Estimote Monitoring”, looks like a possible bug, we’ll look into it.

In the meantime, try the Esti Monitoring template, it should work fine and we’ll be able to learn if something went wrong when you were using SDK in your project. Might be permissions in the app. Let us know how it goes.


Hi matsuklili,
I’ve checked the provided template during my first tests. The monitoring does not work as expected- all I could get is one entry notification, and that’s all. I’ve also tried configuring location beacon to broadcast Estimote Location packet by using SDK- setting it up succeded, but entry/ exit events are not working as expected. iBeacon seems to be more reliable.

I have also got this issue. After enabling Estimote Location packet in the Estimote App, when I look at the beacon in Estimote Cloud only iBeacon is listed in “Packets”. After enabling “Use For Estimote Monitoring” in the Estimote App, go back to radar, clicks on beacon again “Use For Estimote Monitoring” is disabled (not saved).

Yeah, the issue wasn’t solved. Support didn’t help with resolving it so I’m afraid, that this feature is not market ready. We are forced to use different solution.