Monitoring stops working after a week or two

My app is using the latest SDK and I am using iOS 7.1.1

Monitoring and ranging works fine for some time but seems to stop working after a week or two of use. My only solution is to restart my device. This seems like it might be an Apple bug, but I cannot expect my users to restart their phones every couple weeks.

The default estimote app (version: 2.3) also doesn't detect the beacons.

Does it happen only with this one app or any app using Bluetooth?

It seems to happen with any app looking for estimote beacons. Other apps that use bluetooth to connect to a car or external speakers have always worked.

Thank you Justin for the information.
Most probably it's a bug in iOS and it should be fixed in iOS 7.1.2.

It happened again. I created a video showing the situation. Where should I send it to?

Great you recorded it. Please send it to: ola @