Estimote Indoor Location App

Hi I was taking a look at the iOS app for indoor location. and in one of the screen shots there is a tableview with location details and it tells you how many people are in that room. Ex 1 person, 3 people etc… I was just curious how that was being done??

If you mark a location as “public”, then anyone that opens the Indoor app in that location will see themselves in it. And information about their position is also uploaded to Estimote Cloud, and relayed in real-time to other people in that location. In other words, you will be able to see their avatars moving on the map (:

Just one of many things you can use Estimote Indoor Location for!

Is there a “counter” variable? Or a way to tell how many users are in the space?

Tested, it works. Just a little hint. After changing the private stickers into public, logout from the app then log in, then it will work. I thought there was an auto reload once you change the privacy.

Thank you anyways. :slight_smile: Not for IPod at first though.

One problem. I cannot trace the stickers on estimote location app.
I have 10 stickrs

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