How to display other users position in the same indoor location

Using Estimote Indoor SDK i have created a small ios app which displays the indoor location and position of the person successfully.

self.locationView = [[EILIndoorLocationView alloc]init];
self.locationView.frame = self.view.frame;
self.locationView.backgroundColor=[UIColor grayColor];
[self.view addSubview:self.locationView];
self.locationView.showTrace = false;
self.locationView.rotateOnPositionUpdate = false;
[self.locationView drawLocation:self.location];

self.positionView = [[EILPositionView alloc] initWithImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"avatar.png"] location:self.location showAccuracyCircle:YES forViewWithBounds:self.locationView.bounds];
self.locationView.positionView = self.positionView;
[self.locationManager  startPositionUpdatesForLocation:self.location];

Now i want to display other user’s position too who are in the same indoor location. How to achieve it using Estimote Indoor SDK.

Unfortunately, there’s no such feature in the SDK yet. For now, you’d need to write your own server that would gather position data from the users, and relay that to other users, and then your app can take that data and draw avatars using the “drawObjectInForeground” method of the EILIndoorLocationView.

Out of curiosity, what app are trying to build? Just a simple demo to play with Indoor Location, or do you have any specific use case in mind that requires you to display position of other users?

Thanks for quick reply @heypiotr.
It is for a use case, we want to implement in a venue where number of conferences will be going on. If the room is very big and if he is standing somewhere inside the same indoor location and i cannot able to reach him. So I want to know where my friend is in that indoor location. I just want to display two avatars: my avatar and my friends avatar on the location view. Like it is working in the Estimote Indoor Location App and cloud.


Is this feature now Available with SDK?