Estimote Default Packet Type and Battery Impact

Apologies in advance if this is redundant, but the answers I’ve seen don’t jibe with what I see in the Estimote app.

  1. The diagram on the “Broadcasting Scheme” screen of the app looks like the attached screenshot when “Estimote Default” is selected. My interpretation is that it is broadcasting iBeacon and some flavor of Eddystone (by the presence of the little Android dude). I draw that conclusion because if I switch to just “Apple iBeacon”, the Android dude fades. Which is it – iBeacon-only, iBeacon + Eddystone xxx, or iBeacon + something else?
  2. The estimated battery life in iBeacon-only mode jumps from “38 months” to “4 months”. Is it really 4 months and is that due to the Advertising Interval changing from 950ms to 100ms? Or is it “greater than 4 months but less than 38 months”. Obviously I don’t expect an exact number, but it does mean the difference of roughly a year and a half.
  3. If I back out of that beacon’s settings and go back in, the Broadcast Scheme changes back to “Estimote Default” but the Advertising Interval stays at 100ms.

Thanks in advance.