Beacon Detection Issues - Only one beacon gets detected

I have two beacons with me and i am using Android Proximity SDK 0.4.2 to detect them. The problem is only one of the beacons gets detected. The other beacon is detected with the Estimote Android App is used for configuration and strangely the SDK also detects the beacon when the Estimote App is trying to connect to the beacon for a short period of time. After that, the beacon is no longer detected.

I tried updating the OS of beacons and everything that seems to update the beacon.

Let me know what logs do you require in order to debug this.

Hey @vamsichalla

Does your second beacon has properly configured attachments in the cloud? Does it contain a key-value pair that you are declaring as a zone when building proximity observer? Also, does it have Estimote Location packet advertising enabled? Also, you can check if the beacon hasn’t ‘Flip to sleep’ or ‘Motion only advertising’ enabled. You need to make sure that it is in fact advertising the Estimote Location packets :slight_smile:


Hey @paweldylag,

Thank you. The beacons are getting detected just fine. My bad.