A step-by-step guide to follow when you get the alert message: "You are not authorized to access this beacon”


Whenever I run the Temperature Demo in the Estimate Demos application, which was included in the iOS-SDK Version 2.4.0, I got the alert message: "You are not authorized to access this beacon”. Although I finally solved this issue, it took some time to figure out what was wrong because there was no step-by-step guide to solve this problem on the web. So here is a step-by-step instruction for those of who get stuck in the same problem.

  1. You first need both an App ID and an App Token for your Beacon app. To get them, go to the [Estimote Cloud] (https://cloud.estimote.com/). Click Apps on the left panel. If you don’t have any apps under Your Apps, press the Add App button. Fill in the form properly (When I put “Example” in the “Name” section, this name got rejected… so I just put other name, and it worked), and you get the App ID and the App Token.

  2. Open the ESTAppDelegate.m in the iOS-SDK/Examples/beacons/Examples/ directory. In line 24, you find the following code:

     [ESTConfig setupAppID:nil andAppToken:nil];

    Then, replace both nils with appropriate string as follows:

     [ESTConfig setupAppID:@"appid" andAppToken:@"apptoken"];

    Please replace appid and apptoken with appropriate strings obtained in the step 1.

That’s it. Hope it helps :smile:



Thanks @makoto! This is a great guide :smile:

Thanks Makoto, great job! Just a little clarification: everyone has sample apps added automatically to the Apps section :smile:

Hi @Witek and @Wojtekb

Thanks for your comments and clarification :wink:
In my case, even after the Estimote Demos application had been installed successfully, the Apps section in the Estimote Cloud was empty. Therefore, before adding an app by myself, I did not have any idea what the App ID and the App Token were even though I saw these terms frequently mentioned in the other Q&A threads.



Oh okay, thanks for letting us know! We’ll look into that.