Error with EPXProximityZoneContext

I am pretty much new to objective-c. When I try to follow the instruction from the link,, it is giving an error. What am I doing wrong? I am just copying and pasting the code.

zone.onEnter = ^(id<EPXProximityZoneContext> context) {
    NSString *deskOwner = context.attachments[@"desk-owner"];
    NSLog(@"Welcome to %@'s desk", deskOwner);

Error at the first line of the code.
Type argument ‘EPXProximityZoneContext’ must be a pointer (requires a ‘*’)
Property ‘attachments’ not found on object of type ‘__strong id’

Should be

zone.onEnter = ^(EPXProximityZoneContext *context) {

The onEnter, onExit, and onContextChange code snippets all had similar error. I’ve just updated the documentation to fix that.

Thanks for reporting this! :heart: