"Enabling monitoring" setting missing on Proximity Beacons

We bought a few Estimote beacons about 2 years which I currently want to use for proximity detection. I have few with are of proximity type and few others of “Location Beacon” type. I created tags for both the proximity as well as the location beacons (as outlined in https://github.com/Estimote/iOS-Proximity-SDK). On this link I see that one of the requirements is to have monitoring enabled, (“Estimote Proximity Beacons with Estimote Monitoring enabled”). Interestingly when I open settings of the location beacon, I see the setting “Estimote Monitoring“” to enable/disable monitoring. However for my proximity beacon I don’t see these settings. Not sure why this this setting is missing for the Proximity beacons. Also on cloud.estimote.com “Mobile Apps” section , I tried creating new single or multiple proximity app under Mobile Apps section (again as outlined in the link listed above),. In that there is a step to configure the app where I need to add associated beacons. In this list I don’t see the proximity beacons. Not sure why they are not getting listed there. Any pointers on how I can use the proximity beacons with the proximity SDK?


Most likely, you have the 2013 Proximity Beacons, with hardware revision D3.4. These beacons don’t support Estimote Monitoring, I’m afraid, so there’s no way to use them with the Proximity SDK.

Thanks for the update. I checked the H/w versions on my proximity beacons and they are indeed D3.4:( What is the minimum version that supports H/W monitoring?

… literally every Proximity/Location beacon that’s not D3.3/D3.4 :see_no_evil:

  • F1.x AKA 2-battery Location Beacon
  • F2.x AKA first-generation Location Beacon
  • F3.x AKA Long Range (latest) Location Beacon
  • G1.x AKA Proximity Beacon with NFC (also called Proximity Tag on our website these days)
  • I1.x AKA Location Beacon with UWB
  • J1.x AKA Proximity Beacon “2.0” (latest)

Sort of a bonus entry: the LTE Beacon can also be programmed to broadcast as a Proximity Beacon. (And I believe Mirror video-beacon might be too.)

Thanks for the information