Proximity beacon 2014

Anyone knows that if Proximity beacon 2014 support Proximity SDK. As reference, Proximity beacon 2014 not support Estimote Monitoring protocol. And if we use more than 20 beacons, should we pay software fee?

The 2014 model, hardware revision “D3.x”, doesn’t work with the Proximity SDK, because as you noticed, it doesn’t support Estimote Monitoring. You can use it with any other iBeacon/Eddystone libraries/APIs.

The 20-beacon limit is for the Estimote Cloud features—e.g., to organize your beacons with tags, store beacon attachments, store telemetry/health data, remotely manage the beacons’ configuration, etc. Proximity SDK requires a lot of these Cloud-based features to work, which means you generally need the Cloud subscription to use the Proximity SDK too.

You can always configure your beacon via the Estimote mobile apps, and set them e.g. to iBeacon or Eddystone instead of Estimote Monitoring, and use them with any iBeacon/Eddystone library/API, without the need for Estimote Cloud subscription.