Monitoring ONLY estimote beacons - Android SDK

Hi !!

I need to monitor ONLY estimote beacons with the Android SDK (Estimote Monitoring). Basically, I need the Android counterpart to this iOS article -

Please help !!

Hey @puja_agrawal,

I would suggest using our new ProximitySDK for Android, which is build on top of Estimote Monitoring.
It’s still a pre-release version, but it’s already functional. Read more here and go through the tutorial there to setup the beacons in your cloud to work with this solution. You can also download our ready-made app to check how it works.

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Thank you @paweldylag for the response. I had checked out the Proximity SDK for my purposes.

But as of now, I need to do region based Estimote monitoring, rather than tag based as indicated in the proximity SDK docs & example.

If there is a way that I can set the regions programmatically and have Estimote monitoring work fine using the Proximity SDK…please let me know. I don’t want/need to set the tags corresponding to the beacons on the cloud. That is a step that I’d like to bypass for my current scenario.

Hi @paweldylag, any update regd my last comment ??