Eddystone on Nearables

Looks like firmware is 1.3. I can only select frame type url. Is frame type uid/eid not available on nearables?

Correct, at this time, we only support URL for Nearables. Instead of UID, you could use either the iBeacon or the Nearable packet, they both include a static identifier just like UID, so should allow you to build the same types of apps. As for EID, ephemeral identifiers require a precise clock to avoid desynchronization, so we might not be able to bring EID to stickers without a hardware update.

As a follow up on this, can a url be used in place of a UID? I mean, it would be more code to accommodate, but would it be possible to set up a bit of cross platform functionality?

If someone doesn’t have my app, can they be directed via the physical web to download it?

Do you mean if it’s possible to use Eddystone-URL with stickers? If so then—yes it is (: