Stickers packet = Nearable + Beacon

Please correct me if I’am wrong.

Nearables broadcast two packets: Nearable and iBeacon.
Do get data from a nearable’s packet we don’t have to do a lof effort. All data is open, we don’t have to login.
We also see an iBeacon packet and normally we should be able to login to get more details such as temperature, right?
I used a demo app from your github. I also created an app to get AppID and an AppToken and I used them in the code of your demo app.
Using your demo app I’m able to see all the packets: Nearables and iBeacons.
The problem is: I can’t login to the beacon, because my nearables are Nearables :joy:, and they are not in the Beacons’ list.

As I understood, I can’t transfer a nearable from a nearables’ list to a beacons’ list, right?

The important thing to understand here is, you’re not logging in to iBeacon.

Rather, what you have in mind here is connecting to a Bluetooth device. When you’re connected to a device, you can usually access a full array of services it exposes. Estimote Beacons also require you to authenticate yourself after connection before they allow you to access these services—that’s the “logging in” part, but it has to do with the connection, not any specific packet.

So you should think about it this way:

  • Estimote Beacons broadcast the iBeacon packet, which is UUID + major + minor.

    • When you connect to a beacon, you can update its firmware, change its settings, read its battery status, read its firmware & hardware version, and read from its sensors.
  • Estimote Stickers broadcast the iBeacon packet, which is UUID + major + minor, plus the Nearable packet, which is the Nearable ID + sensors data + battery data + firmware & hardware data.

    • When you connect to a sticker, you can update its firmware and change its settings. The rest of the data is already available in the Nearable packet, so there’s no need to connect to the sticker to access sensors/battery/firmware data. We don’t even provide such options.

Long story short, unless you want to update your stickers firmware and change their settings, there’s no need to connect to stickers.

If you still want to connect to a sticker, serach for the “Nearable demos” in the Examples app.

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OK, now it is clear.

When you use Estimote app and scan for nearables, you also see the beacons packets. When you click on one of them, you see probably same menu items as for the Beacons devices. So when you click on one of them, you have to log in… Also on top is an option to claim the Beacon.
It is confusing

Good feedback, thanks!

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