Pair Eddystone-TLM with Eddystone-UID iOS

Hi Guys,

I need a way to match an Eddystone-TLM packet with an Eddystone-UID to identify the beacon and monitor the battery of that beacon, our client required to use Eddystone to do this, but in iOS we don’t find a way to do it, is there a way?

thank you in advance.

In Estimote Beacons, the Eddystone-UID, URL, and TLM packets are all broadcast with the same physical/MAC address, so you should be able to “group” them by that.

Specifically, on iOS, you’d use Core Bluetooth to detect these packets, and the CBPeripheral object has an identifier property, which is a scrambled MAC address of the beacon/Bluetooth peripheral. So in this case, I’d expect that for both the TLM and the UID packets, the CBPeripheral identifier would be the same.

Cool! Thank you for the answer, We will try this approach!