didRangeBeacons callback method triggers with empty beacon array

Hi Team, I’m using iOS core location library to detetct estimote beacons but there is no error but even still physical beacons are immediate to iPhone. Region state immediately changing from inside to outside and didRangeBeacons giving empty array. I have a raised a question in stackoverflow as well Please find the question here

A few troubleshooting ideas not yet mentioned on SO:

  • try reducing the adv interval to 100 ms (as required by the iBeacon standard)
  • try restarting Bluetooth on your phone (note that in iOS 11, you have to do that through the Settings app, the control center doesn’t physically turn the Bluetooth stack off)
  • try restarting your device
  • try with another iOS device

If nothing helps, you can always try opening a bug report with Apple: