Ranging not working on IOS 10.2

I have a small app which sends beacon specific values (Major, minor, RSSI, Accuracy etc) to a server.

On my iPhone 5 with iOS 10.2, Estimote app is able to list the beacons that i have. But in my app, where “didRangeBeacons” is called, the CLBeacon array is coming as 0 elements.

The same code is working properly on an iOS 8.4 device.

Can somebody pls help me to understand, what changes i need to do on an iOS 10.2 device ?

The list of beacons in the Estimote app uses Core Bluetooth to discover Estimote Beacons, not Core Location. But yes, in general we’ve noticed that sometimes Core Location “crashes” or something, and you stop getting results in didRange, and then it comes back after a few minutes. Not yet sure why this happens—you might try opening a bug report with Apple, to help raise awareness about this.