For some iPhone the beacon did enter region gets only called after screen is on

We are using the standard Apple Location SDK and Estimote Beacons to trigger an Action on the didenterregion call.
For many users it works good but some have the issue that the it´s only triggered after the turn their screen on for example with the rise to wake function or by pressing the home button.
We already asked the users to reset network settings and of course restart the device.

Is anybody experiencing similar issues? Any idea what could help?

Many Thanks

I expect this is because these phones went into some “deep sleep” state where the iBeacon monitoring gets much less responsive. Turning the screen on wakes up the phone, and monitoring resumes in its normal capacity.

Not much we as Estimote can do about it—you could try filing a bug report/improvement request with Apple, and share your radar number here for others to see/dupe.

I opened a Bug Report at the same time and just got a reply. There were some known issues in this regard that should be fixed in the current developer seed. So fingers crossed that it works better in 10.3.

Yea, that’s what we’ve been hearing as well about 10.3. Crossing our fingers too!