Detecting Beacons without using Android SDK

Hello folks,

I have gone through the Estimote SDK and downloaded the samples in which I am able to detect the beacons. I have a small query that is it possible to detect a Beacon without using any SDK available. I heared somewhere that its possible in IOS but as I am not aware of the IOS platform I didn't understand the concept. So I just want to know whether its possible to detect a Beacon without using any SDK or not.


You can use Apple Core location framework. You'll find it right here:


Thanks Witek for the answer but will it also work with Android devices ?

Is possible scan beacon for other brands with the sdk estimote in Android??
If it is not, you know another solution??

Assalam o Alaikum. Hi Salman Khan I hope you will be good. I just need a help from you that can you send me the link for installation of Android estimote SDK installation? I have followed below link. And want to run demos. Can you help me further?

Yes, you can use the RadiusNetworks AltBeacon library - here

Valeykum Assalam. @Abdul Basit Can you please tell me what problems you are facing while executing the demos.