Cant detect beacons with android or IOS sdk for beacon firmware 4.9.4

We cant detect beacons emitting iBeacon packages running on firmware 4.9.4 and hardware G1.8?

But we can detect beacons running 3.0.1/D3.4 and the virtual beacons.

We are using the latest SDK versions. (Android is 0.16)

All the beacons are also visible through the estimote app…the ranging code is implemented per docs and cant seem to find a reason why these beacons woudnt be detected? (we start ranging for their uuids while leaving the major and minor out)

Hmm, any chance you accidentally disabled the iBeacon packet on your G1.8 beacons? You can check that on or in the Estimote app.

That was the issue :slight_smile: our client disabled it by accident ;). Thank you!

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