Proximity problem in beacon with personal development application, not with estimate template

I am developing a proximity application that allows linking to the beacon so that it shows a home when the phone is brought closer to the beacon.

The problem is that after adding a new application in the estimate cloud platform and obtaining the ID and Token of the application, it does not allow to display the proximity content.

I have followed the documentation for the configuration and I have made the personal application equal to the template that allows download by default in estimote cloud.

I do not understand what could be, apparently I think it is a manufacturer policy that does not allow applications in development to link to the beacon after not being downloaded directly with the templates provided in estimote cloud.

Please await your kind response and attach the Github repository so you can observe the incident. You can find it as “Test failed” or “Test failed”.

Thank you very much, I stay tuned.

@pober Help me with the problem, please !