Estimote's UWB location beacon vs Estimote's normal location beacons

Do we have a documentation or datasheet to understand the pros and cons of UWB beacons and non UWB beacons?

Most of the time, you only need the UWB radio for very specific purposes (e.g, Indoor Location auto-mapping, very precise beacon-to-beacon distance/position tracking), that’s why for the time being we stopped selling them on our website. We can help evaluate your project, and if UWB-equipped beacons are the way to go, we’ll hook you up with some (: [or of course you can share more details about your project here, and we/the community can help too]

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So, If I understand correctly you discontinued the UWB product without finishing it first.
As far as I know, the UWB technology was never supported except for a “buggy” demo for 4 beacons.

I am so dissapointed with estimote, I bought 4 boxes of UWB useless Beacons.

Hi qwad,

We never discontinued the beacons — we simply switched to a different distribution model, in order to ensure that you guys always get the most adequate product.

What Piotr meant, is that you can contact us directly if you’d like to buy some. Because the tech we deal in is still relatively new, and the differences between beacon models can be quite subtle and not always immediately clear, we offer consultations so that you can make an informed decision.

I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with your beacons. Do you have any issues in particular on your mind? Please feel free to send me a message here, or write us an email at We stand by our products and are always happy to help. :slight_smile: