Creating custom view for Map with scroll view

Concept looks great, I have few question for specific requirements.

  1. It says that we need to use “ESTIndoorLocationView”, Can we create our own view with custom layout image which we can placed on scrollview so zoom in/out is possible?
  2. How to create json for custom view approach. Currently possition (x,y) varies from negative to positive numbering and center is zero?

Please reply with example if possible.


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thanks for this questions @Deepak_Vishwakarma I have exactly the sames.

Anyone have the answers ?

In advance thank you.

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You don’t need to use IndoorLocationView. If you want, you can only take the IndoorLocationManager and the position updates, and the Location metadata, and draw your own map + avatar. But this won’t be that easy to do if you’re not proficient in iOS development. Maybe try looking for some existing map components, and adapt them to your needs? (And share if you find anything interesting and make it work with Indoor :wink:)

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