How to add own map image to Indoor Location

I want to add my own map image behind the mesh of beacons.

hi, I also need to do something like that, if you can do it please tell me how

Hi, I need to do something like that, please help me if we can do it.

On iOS, if using the EILIndoorLocationView, you can use the drawObjectInBackground method, it accepts any UIView as a parameter, e.g., UIImageView. It’s probably better to use the EILIndoorLocationScene instead though, and its backgroundImageName property.

On Android, I’m not sure if that’s easily doable right now. Maybe you could simply try overlaying the IndoorLocationView directly on top of an ImageView.

There’s also a Android Indoor SDK 3.0 beta available ( which uses Google Maps for the map view, so maybe that’d help. But it’s still a beta—documentation is scarce and things can change at any time, so you’d probably need to experiment a good bit to get it working properly.