Integrating the location map with background map


The location map which was built with Location Builder in SDK is only a simple shape. How can integrate it into a real map with other objects, especially in the case that the location map is only a part of the real map (see the attached image).

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Take a look at the documentation of the ESTIndoorLocationView to see how you can customize the map view component:

Specifically, you might be interested in the drawObjectInBackground and drawObjectInForeground methods.

For more advanced scenarios, you can build your own map view component, and only rely on the raw (x,y) data from the ESTIndoorLocationManager.

Is there a way to just change the background color?

As of now IndoorLocationView is transparent without option to modify it. Temporary workaround would be to add it as a subview to a view with your background color. Since it won’t work well with rotateOnPositionUpdate expect it in next SDK release!

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Hi heypiotr,
is it possible to get user current location based on beacons?

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