Drag and Zoom

I've been playing around with the indoor location SDK. So far so good and I'm able to import my own location.json file and get it parsed properly. However, I have a relatively large room I'm trying to deploy the beacons in... so having the ability to zoom into the floor plan and/or drag the location around would be very helpful. Is it possible to do this? Any help with how to modify the swift example to achieve this?

Hey Andy,

Our indoor map view doesn't have pan & zoom features at the moment.

I shared our thinking when it comes to the map view some time ago in this thread, hopefully you'll find it insightful.

Long story short, right now we're maniacally focused on improving the accuracy of Indoor Location and expanding its featureset: support multiple rooms, add analytics etc. That's the core value we want our Indoor Location to provide, mostly because there are already dozens of 3rd party map views, but no beacon-based indoor positioning SDK. We definitely want to improve our map view, but given all that's mentioned above, this is less of a priority for us for now.

Hope it makes sense, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about it!

Can you recommend any other 3rd party map views for iOS which might work? Free ones if possible.

I haven’t really used any, so can’t recommend anything … but good news is, since that last post from January, we added EILIndoorLocationScene to the Indoor SDK, which supports panning and zooming (: