Inconsistency with Sticker battery life

Hello Everyone,

I’m writing due to the discovery this morning that half of the Sticker beacons we are using in our project are completely inactive. Unable to view them in our app and the Estimote app (both Android and iOS).

All the Sticker beacons used were set up with the same configuration (iBeacon, ~200ms advertisement, etc…). We have known that using that configuration would shorten the battery life but we needed to have a faster ping for better user experience. The things that is strange about this is that half went dead and the others are working normally and state that they have plenty of battery life left.

Our project involves setting up the beacons temporarily for testing and then taking them down so they don’t get messed with overnight so I thought perhaps putting and taking them down has something to do with this.

I guess my question is has anyone else encountered inconsistent battery life durations with the Stickers and if so is there a way to revive them or am I stuck with a bunch of colorful sticky rubber things?

We are having the same issue. We are using 100 stickers deployed in the field and since last week we noticed some are not responding at all, they seem dead. We have 5 already, but we don’t know the damage in the field. Would like to see Estimote comment on this…

I am sorry to say that this is the case with our project as well. Our 100 stickers are mostly dead after 7 months. It seems Estimote set the broadcast power to 0 instead of the default -12 before they sent them. That may have contributed to their quick demise. Very disappointed.