Advertise App on Appstore?


So i'm totally new to iBeacons. I've looked through the communtiy and FAQ but cannot find my answer...

I would like to set up an iBeacon at a tradeshow, when someone passes our exhibition stand I would like to promote our App on the App Store, prompting the visitor to download our app.

Is this possible?

If so, any pointers on where to start?

Many thanks,

Hi Ben,

You can try to integrate your beacons with Passbook, but I'm not sure if you can send links to AppStore this way (the app has been designed for tickets and coupons mostly).

Normally, beacons are the way to push some content using your app (which people have already installed on their devices), so maybe you should think of it this way and there will probably be a better outcome.

Does it help?