Company access to the estimote cloud


we are designing solutions for big customers and we need a better authorisation model for the cloud:
We must have different accounts accessing one “storage” of beacons with different possibilities to grant rights.
Because we have big enterprise customers who need different logins: one for financial, one administrator, technical users, programmers and so on.
And they need to activate and deactive them independently…

What possibilities do you have for this?

Are these users gonna be interacting with your solution (your own frontend/backend/dashboard), or with Estimote Cloud directly? If with Estimote Cloud, do you anticipate how they’re gonna be using Estimote Cloud? Are they buying their own beacons, and then connecting them to your software, or do you buy the beacons and manage them for them?

If this is a bigger deployment, maybe shoot us an email to, so that somebody from our Customer Success team can learn more about your use case and help/advise, maybe jump on a call.

Or we can continue the conversation here, that’s fine for us too :slight_smile:

The customers will buy the beacons from use, we will built a custom housing for them.
The customer will use his own applications and integrate your SDKs with them.
What we are used to with other SDKs and cloud management platforms is, that the user can define different access-levels and logins, so eg we could manage the beacons (may transfering is enough for this), but not the applications, or a programmer just has access to the read only view of beacons but can register new applications and so on…

I have a discussion with Eric tomorrow about this and other things :wink: