"Closest" Beacon

Hi guys, just received our beacons and putting together a quick prototype.

I'm wondering when I'm in a room with 4 beacons, how do I find the one I'm 'closest' to? Would I compare the RSSI, continually ranging and updating as the 'user' walks around the room?

Do you have any examples of this method? I've looked through the demos, but didn't run across this particular thing (unless I just missed it).


Hi Tim,

Yes, the RSSI is the best and most reliable method to determine which Beacon is the closes one. Also, an application should prefer the signal from the closest Beacon.
You can check out some resources with attempts at indoor positioning with Beacons here:
- http://www.thetalkingllama.com/2014/02/indoor-positioning-with-estimote-beacons/ (thanks Stephen, great job by Talkin Llama!)
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMWEl6GBGqk
- https://twitter.com/MathijsVreeman/status/432864568617213952/photo/1


Hi Tim,

We have been doing exactly that. Have a look at this blog post and video: