How to know nearestBeacon axis?

Hello there !

I’m creating a single view application that just display a compass, but this compass instead of indicate North point it would indicate by an arrow the nearest beacon.

I would like to create this app but I don’t know if I should use Estimote SDK or Indoor and if Beacon allow to do that.

Actually, I’m working on iOS Estimote SDK.
I can spot the nearestBeacon, get distance by RSSI.

But now, how can I know if my nearestBeacon is on my left, right, back, front ?
Can you give me some tips ? :slight_smile:

Thank !

i might have an idea, but it pretty stupid :
ask the user to do 360 turn, and mask it as a "scanning something…/calibrating…"
the idea is : since your body absorb/blocks rssi, you should look for the angle with the minimum rssi of that beacon that you wanted before, and that angle is the opposite to the direction of the beacon, but since rssi is not stable i’m not sure it will work

another approach is to ask the user to move couple of meters to some other locations, and then you would have 2,3 measurement points and by using some math point to that location

AFAIK: other solutions require knowing your location relative to something else, and knowing the other beacon location,

I see…
Not very smart to do that for the user.
I’ll think about that

Thank you

From the signal itself, there’s no way to infer the direction it came from.

Are you trying to build a navigation app of some sorts? Our Indoor Location might come in handy for that, have you given it a try yet? It takes signal from multiple beacons, plus sensors in your phone, including the compass, and in return it gives you the (x,y) position of the user in the room, plus their orientation. Pretty much all you need for navigation.