Beacon Scenarios


I wanted to know that if I have e.g. 10 beacons placed in the super market. Let say I am in the meat section and there are three beacons among which I am close to one and little bit far from other.

Is it possible to find out based on RSSI values that I am exactly close to one beacon not to other two. Although I am getting signals from all three beacons.

Is it possible to measure distance between the beacon in such scenario ?

Hi Usman!

Determing the distance from beacons is not impossible, but it is a quite hard task due to the nature of Bluetooth signal itself and how phone actually measures the signal to the phone. Fortunately our Indoor Location SDK does all the heavy lifting for you - processing the signals and combining them using developed by us algorithms. Before coding your own solution give it a try - if you run into any problem don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

I want to ask that factors will play important role in finding location using beacon.

I know that it might not give accurate location but what is important to get close to accurate location ?

Hi Usman!

The distance estimation to a single beacon will always be off by ± 30%. When using RSSI for distance estimation it is best to rely on the fact of being close to the beacons or not and do not tie any specific experience with precise distance/RSSI.