Beacon Direction

Am using estimote proximity beacon, i want to show the beacon direction that means you are beacon’s left, right, top and bottom side. Can you help me.

Our beacons broadcast with more-or-less the same signal strength all around them, so sadly it’s impossible to know if you’re standing say, in front of the beacon or behind it.

What app/behavior are you trying to build? Maybe we can suggest some alternative solution.

I just want to know which Room a person is using. I am using two Rooms for this scenario, First Room is A and the another one is B. I have stick the beacon on a wall which is centre to both the Rooms. So that i want to check the person using whether room A or B.

In this case, I’d probably suggest putting one beacon in room A, and one in room B, and based on the signal strength you should know where the user is.

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Hi Rajesh, in my current project I have the same scenario: I need to know in which room I am. I started by using the Proximity Demo, which returns a list of beacons sorted by distance. You then pick the closest one :slight_smile:

In fact I started to use 2 beacons per room, one of it placed at the entrance.

Further improvements can be made by implementing kind of a “low pass filter”, which buffers each beacon+distance for about a second. Because I noticed that signals appear in a shorter interval (300ms), which leads to sometimes jump between multiple “closest beacons”.

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Hi rajesh,
I have been interested in iBeacons and indoor location kind of stuff and i should say, when you want to use beacons for something other than proximity (as in far,near,immediate) you are going to need more beacons than 1 for sure.

Also i suggest you to look up fingerprint method for indoor location. Basicly you place your beacons in specific locations and make measurements in different positions of the room and save that data. Next time when you want to decide where are you respectively to those beacons you can use those data to decide.

Also when it comes to a certain location like x-y you are going to need at least 3 source of data. There are also lots of methods to find the indoor location using RF signals (ex: trilateration). But again when* it comes to find a x-y position, even to meet the rule of thumb (30% error rate) you are going to need to filter them signals.

  • Plus, my drone from chine (bough it for 5$) can return to remote controller with one click. It is possible to detect which side the signal is coming from. but you should use the right antenna i guess?

  • Also as i know, estimote’s beacons have isotropic antennas which means it transmits signal almost at same level of intensity in all directions.

Hopefully this would give you a little idea! Also i would be glad if someone corrects my mistakes if i made any :slight_smile: