Broadcasting Power setting changing when connecting to beacon?!?

I am having trouble getting the Broadcasting Power setting to stick. I make a change using the slider to increase the broadcasting power, hit “Back” and it looks like it worked fine and saved correctly. I rescan for beacons and reconnect to the beacon and the Broadcast Power setting didnt change OR is lower than what I had set it to. Don’t understand why the value I set is not saving correctly.

firmware A.3.0.1
hardware D3.4
iPhone 6/iOS 8.3 and latest estimote app (2.13 build: 758)

  • Dennis

Our app requires iOS 7 to work, are you sure you’re on iOS 6?

Can you double-check if you’re reconnecting to the very same beacon? (e.g. by the MAC address that’s shown on the Beacon Details screen)

Sorry that was a typo, I edited the post and made the correction.

And I’m connecting to the same beacon, I’ve even seen where I’ve gone to Broadcasting Power “edit” screen and not touched anything other than hitting “Back” to go back to the beacon info screen and it’s changed the power lower.