Beacon settings not updating from Estimote Cloud using Estimote iOS App

Hi All,

Not sure if anyone else has had the same issue, but I have tried to adjust the signal strength and enable Flip to Sleep on Estimote Cloud, but when I sync the settings using the Estimote iOS App, I can see the cloud flashing for each beacon, the signal strength on the List View change to the new setting, but immediately after it has “changed” the signal strength for all 3 beacons, it immediately reverts back to the original settings.

I’ve been trying to resolve this issue for 2 months now, but to no avail. Any advice / guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Does changing the settings directly in the app work?

Hi there. I don’t have the option to change the settings on the app itself, as the beacons are managed in the cloud. Unless I’m perhaps missing something. I’m using the actual Estimote app.