Cannot detect Location Beacon

I am currently using this function to detect beacons:

  • (void) utilityManager: (ESTUtilityManager*) manager didDiscoverBeacons: (NSArray*) beacons

However, the function callback only triggered with Proximity Beacons and not with Location Beacons. Is this a problem with the beacon or the API?

Hi Jing,

what version of the SDK are you using? I know that there is currently an issue on ranging with the 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 versions of the Android SDK.

I am using the latest version of iOS SDK from Estimote. Not Android.

Utility Manager and didDiscoverBeacons only works for beacons with HW revision “D”, and in general is meant only for discovering beacons to connect to in order to programmatically change beacon settings.

For detecting beacons in order to trigger actions in your app, follow this tutorial instead: