How to detect all beacons in a location? (iOS)

I’m developing an app that detects all beacons (Estimotes) in our location and list them in UITableview.

Is there any sample code to do that?


You can use the ESTUtilityManager (for beacons with hardware revision starting with “D”) and ESTDeviceManager (for beacons with hardware revision starting with “F”, and for stickers) to detect all the Estimotes. I’d suggest starting with the documentation for these two classes:

Thanks @heypiotr,

This really helped me a lot. But there is an issue by using the ESTUtilityManager,
I can’t use the property of CLBeacon (accuracy, proximityUUID).

Is there a way to display them using the ESTUtilityManager?


With UtilityManager, no. The CLBeacon objects come from iBeacon scanning, and on iOS, these are restricted by Apple to CLLocationManager (or our ESTBeaconManager, which builds on top of CLLocationManager). But then you need to know at least a UUID of your beacons to detect them.

If you want to try it out, we have a tutorial for that: