Cannot configure beacons


I have problems configuring my estimote beacons. I am using Estimote app version 2.30.8 on an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.0.2. In the app I can see the beacons and access the Beacons Details screen. But some data on this screen never loads, e. g. “Motion UUID”, “Remaining Battery Life”, “Temperature” and “Beacon in Motion”. Consequently I am unable to change any settings either locally from the app or via syncing the changes from cloud. This happens on any of my three beacons.

The app tells me the beacons are running Estimote OS A3.2.0 on hardware revision D3.4.

Is this a known problem. What can I do the regain access to my beacons?



The new app update fixed the problem. Thank you, Estimote.

Termperature readings are way off. About 5°C to low.