Beacon stuck on pending in iOS

Hi, Im very new to this area of technology, I have the 3 beacon Dev kit and have tried to change the settings on one from the Estimote Cloud, but the message i get says " use Estimote App to apply changes. But nothing happens when i launch the app on my Iphone, I can see the beacon but don’t seem to have an ‘apply change’ option. Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance, i have looked for threads but they only seem to reference Android issues.

Easiest way to go about it is to just tap on the beacon in the Estimote app, wait till the app connects to it, and then you can change all the settings directly in the app (: No need for the two-step, “edit it in Cloud, then apply in the app”. (That mechanism is more handy during deployments or re-configuring already deployed beacons—you queue all the necessary settings changes to all your beacons in a web browser, then do a walk-around the venue and apply the settings.)