Can we use Google's Proximity Beacon API with Estimote Proximity Beacons in Android Apps?

Hi All,

I am doing feasibility to build an Indoor navigation App(Instore app) using beacons.

Now we have standard Estimote beacons available.

I found there is no Indoor Navigation SDK for Android.

I found google Beacons platform good for handling with beacons as well Google supports Indoor maps for navigation.

But not sure if Estimote beacons will work with Google’s beacons platforms.

Also if estimote supports,then do we need to use Estimore standard Android SDK or not to work with Google’s Proximity Beacon API ?

Estimote Proximity and Location Beacons are fully compatible with Eddystone and Google’s Nearby API, no worries. (And Location Beacons are even compatible with Eddystone Configuration Service :wink:)

I’ve never heard about Google’s indoor support for Google Maps though, where did you find such info? Mind sharing?


Thanks for answer.

Below are the link for Google’s Indoor map support:

1- Google Indoor Maps:

2- Steps to Upload a floor plan to Google Maps

Hope this will help.