Can not detect Estimote Location Beacon after connecting a custom light sensor

I have a basic custom light sensor with 3 pins: GND, VCC, OUT;
After using the schema from here I have connected the sensor like this:

  • the GND from the sensor to GND of the Beacon
  • the VCC from the sensor to Vcc IN of the Beacon
  • the OUT from the sensor to GPIO0

After doing this the Estimote Location Beacon is not detected anymore by the mobile app.
I have removed the custom sensor and still the Beacon is not recognized by the mobile app.
What can be done in this situation? Is there a way to ‘restart’ the Beacon?

NOTE: I am searching for the beacons logged in into the app. The other beacons are detected but the one specified in this question not. Between the app finding the beacon and not finding it the only modification was the sensor physical connection.

NOTE 2: In the mobile app, in the ‘List’ menu, I can see the beacon in the ‘YOUR OTHER BEACONS’ section but its unclickable.

NOTE 3: Using the estimote-specs (nodejs library) I can still read without problem the data from the beacon (temperature, uptime, acceleration, etc…)

After connecting and disconnecting multiple times the custom sensor, the Estimote Bleacon location is recognized again by the mobile app.