4 Beacons are not recognized after using indoor location

After using the indoor location app with 4 of my beacons, i’ve canceled the setup process in the middle, i find the setup process problematic.

and since then i cannot detect any of the 4 beacons

  1. Its not battery since i can see their signal using other apps such as BLE finder
  2. i can use them again in the indoor location app , since it seems to detect them and manage to calibrate them again
  3. the estimote app does not detect any of the 4

Do you have any solution/tool to reset them so they may be detected using the the estimote app/ behave normal

Kobi M

That’s weird. Can you double-check if the Estimote app: (a) has Location Services enabled, (b) you’re logged into your account? If nothing helps, can you send me a private message with your Estimote Account email?

Thanks, it works!!!

(the location services for the Estimote app were turned of, causing it to not detect any of the beacons)

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