Acquiring user's position

I was wondering how accurate the beacons are, and if writing a simple program to log a users movement within the beacon area is feasible. I'd like to output the position to a log file so that the data can be interpreted, and maybe even create a map of the users moment with a given period of time. I have the estimote podfile loaded, but is there a library I should have imported into my program? Is there a method that will return a position or location using the 3 beacons location? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Hi Adam,

The truth is—it's hard, since Bluetooth signal is susceptible to fluctuations. Feel free to take a look at our The Physics of Beacon Tech blog post, where we describe it in more detail.

However, we strongly believe it's possible and can be made happen, and that's why we're working on our own Indoor Location library. Feel free to give it a try!