Beacon settings doesn't sync with estimote cloud!

I updated my beacon settings in my estimote app , but later if i open my estimote cloud account they show “Pending settings”. Help me to change estimote beacon settings .please

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I am having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

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Hey Citrine1911,

In order to apply the pending settings, you need to approach the beacon with a smartphone and connect to it using the Estimote app. That’s because the beacons themselves don’t have internet connectivity, and any settings modified via the cloud need to be relayed to them via a gateway (i.e a mobile device).

By the way, the newly launched LTE Beacon can work as a gateway of this kind, making the presence of a mobile phone unnecessary.

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Hey Robert ,
check out the community Manager’s reply on my post . By this way, it is being sorted ! Hope it works for you .