Settings I make in the cloud are never propagated to beacons

I just got my beacons a few days ago.

Whenever I change any settings (UUID, TX power, etc.) in the cloud ( they are NEVER propagated to the actual beacons…
It just says “pending settings” forever.
The beacons are in range and show up in the estimote app.
I have had the estimote app open for at least 10 minutes now. (Not sure if this should help.)
My phone (Moto X Play) has internet connectivity.

I understand that it might take a few minutes for the settings to propagate but this is just ridiculous…

Anything I can do to make it work?

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Sadly, at this time, only the iOS app is capable of propagating pending settings from Estimote Cloud to the beacon.

On Android, you can still tap on the beacon in the app, which will make the app connect to it, and then you can change the settings of your beacon directly in the app.

Shouldn’t this at least be stated somewhere?
Thanks estimote for wasting my time trying to make it work.

Can I at least remove the “pending settings” label somehow?

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I’m really sorry about that, and yes, it should absolutely be stated somewhere—we’ll be rolling out an update in the future with an appropriate messaging added.

Canceling pending settings is coming soon. For now, if you simply use the Android app to set your beacons so that the “real” settings match the “pending” settings, the “pending settings” label should automatically go away.

I am still having this same issue right now. I have settings that doesn´t propagate to the beacons. Is this resolved with the Android app?