How deterministic is the Location beacon Estimote Telemetry broadcast?

Hello there,

I have some stickers and some Location beacons, and I’m trying to detect quickly when they are near so I can gather the data from the Estimote Telemetry beacon broadcast. I wrote a quick Android app to test this, and found strikingly different behavior in picking up these devices in the app.

The stickers are broadcasting as Nearables and I see them show up immediately, with frequent broadcasts from the devices showing up in the mobile app logs.

The Location Beacons are configured to broadcast with multiple types, but specially the Telemetry frames, and currently configured at an advertising interval of 577ms and normal transmit power.

My problem is that the Telemetry callback is basically random on when it receives the broadcasts, ranging from one or two seconds, to ten seconds, fifteen, or even thirty or more seconds between entries.

Is there a reason that the Telemetry packets are sent so sporadically, and if so, how can I adjust this so I can sense and respond to the Location Beacon more quickly?


That’s … extremely weird. The underlying scanning mechanisms are exactly the same. Our Android engineers are looking into it (:

So for some reason, it seems to have gone away… I can’t really explain it, but the broadcasts are far more regular now and have been while letting things run over the weekend. I can keep an eye out, but perhaps we can just chalk this one up to sunspots…

Haha, interesting. Thanks for letting us know! (: